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05 January 2013

SNSD I Got A Boy Window 7 Theme

SNSD I Got A Boy Window 7 Theme
Download Link: 19.12MB



Aegyo+Ice = SunSica said...

Do you have one for Windows 8?

Anonymous said...

Windows XP please :(

Anonymous said...

where can I download the patches?? I watched ur video and I thought the patches're included when I download this theme but it's nowhere to found.

MyKF said...

Firstly,you can check the theme patch download link at the video's description or just click the link:
Second,about the theme you've download....You should know where you've saved it.What what browser do you use?Have you check at the 'downloads' folder?

MyKF said...

No,none of our theme maker have windows 8 pc to make windows 8 themes.But,I don't know if the theme can use in win 8.

Aida Ikmal said... also can check the link at the video's descriptions)
About your seconds questions....
You should know where you've saved it.But,I'll try to help you.What what browser do you use?Have you check at the 'downloads' folder?

MyKF admin said...

You can download it here >
Actually if watch the vid at youtube..u can download the patcher at description ~

Anonymous said...

oops sorry, I only watched the video without looking at description xD

Anonymous said...

hey, can i still use this theme even though I'm using 32-bit OS by installing both the patcher?? btw, I can't install patcher-x64. diagnostic messages window pop out when i try to install it

Ivan said...

I facing a problem, my computer is 32-bit, may i know can i still install your theme??

D'Pink YoonAdict SiwoNest said...

may i request a theme?^^
etude house sweet recipe
there's minho,onew,key,jonghyun,taemin,krystal and sulli
shinee ft fx
you know it?
i like all your theme in here

dynn0606 said...

So I should download mediafire first to get patcher?

Putri Fitriani said...

thank you so much

Senghort Heng said...

i have all already but picture number 2 have problem. when i click mouse right didn't see themes on it why ? plz tell me